The Portland Series is a set of nine paintings which were inspired by the seventeenth century history of thePortland Collection:艺术和物体的集合在家里的洞穴家庭汇集了几个世纪Welbeck Abbey.in Nottinghamshire. I focussed on the early decades at Welbeck in the late 16th and early 17th century and the art created and collected then. My paintings highlight the dynamic between the present and the past, using fabrics and clothing as the thread that binds the two together.

The Portland Collection

波特兰是一个巨大的私人艺术科尔集合ection held at Welbeck Abbey and since March 2016 partly on display next door to the Harley Gallery in its own little museum. The collection consists of thousands of paintings, silver and gold objects, furniture, manuscripts and much more. It was collected over the centuries since the early 17th century and contains gems such as Van Dyck, Stubbs, De Lazlo, Holbein, Hilliard and Michelangelo.

Before and after my visit I have researched Welbeck Abbey a little bit. I have tried to understand who is who and who built, inherited or collected what. I have found very little indeed. Photos of Welbeck Abbey date mostly from the 19th century, indicating that no photographer has been able to gain access or publish his/her material for over a century.

自第二次世界大战以来,建筑物被用作军事学校,只有最近的2005年才能结束。艺术收集的图像几乎不存在;例如,我无法用Joshua Reynolds'祭坛从教堂举行的文章说明,例如,由于没有在线找到图像。着名的波特兰艺术集合确实保持了非常私人,很少知道它包含的内容。

这位神秘在2016年3月的波特兰收藏馆的开幕式上结束了,现在旋转地显示来自集合的碎片。美妙的缩放集合在展出中,米开朗基罗和Marcus Gheeraerts的罕见幸存的画(他更着名的儿子的父亲)。有Van Dyck's,Van der Velde's,De Lazlo和一个令人惊叹的银色和金板收藏。

Portland Collection, Harley Gallery

哈利画廊的波特兰收藏;Charles II肖像作为Anthony Van Dyck,C的一个男孩。1637-8

Portland Collection, Harley Gallery

Anthony van Dyck, Sir William Cavendish, 1st Duke of Newcastle (detail)


The most illustrious owner of Welbeck Abbey and active art collector was William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle, royalist, poet, patron and much more. He was (and still is) famous for his horse riding skills and wrote one of the leading books on manège (an early form of dressage, or horse dancing ). He added a huge indoor riding house to Welbeck Abbey (an architectural marvel in itself) as well as to Bolsover Castle, just down the road from Welbeck. He was a courtier under King Charles I and was appointed tutor to his son, the later Charles II. As a royalist he was forced to flee to the continent during the civil war, where he met his second wife, Margaret Lucas, who made a name for herself as one of the first female published authors in the 17th century. Her book The Blazing World is considered a forerunner of science fiction and the first fictional work published by a woman in the 17th century. In Antwerp they rented the old house of Rubens (who died a few decades earlier) where, it was said, he used the art studio as a riding house to entertain his guests (including the exiled Charles II). In Flanders as well as back home at Welbeck they enjoyed a cultured life filled with science, philosophy and art. Cavendish was friends with Ben Jonson, Hobbes and Descartes and commissioned numerous portraits from Anthony van Dyck.


Cavendish Welbeck Abbey.

威廉·瓦登特on his horse in front of Welbeck Abbey. Illustration from his book on dressage

Portland Collection, Harley Gallery

Nicholas Hilliard,伊丽莎白公主(?),后来伊丽莎白女王,1500年代后,瓦米尔的水彩。

The Paintings

Some of my paintings have direct links with works in the Portland Collection. The fantastic collection of miniatures at the Portland Collection, for example, is simply astounding. Contemporary artist Sir Peter Blake recently chose some of them and displayed them in his own manner. They were a joy to see. Those little paintings are just little wonders; they are so intricate, so tiny, so colourful and the portraits so full of character. For my two companion portraits Elizabeth Kate and KateI have taken the motif of a miniature and enlarged it to a modern square format. Directly inspired by one specific Elizabeth miniature I have portrayed my friend and fellow artist Kate in two different guises: as herself and as an Elizabethan woman (or Elizabeth), hoping to create a dynamic between the past and the present, identity and dress.






Large amounts of velvet also made up the portrait of The Matriarch, aka Bess of Hardwick. For this portrait (这是一个博客帖子关于我涂她的方式)我用黑色天鹅绒,松散地覆​​盖成一个柚子柚子的形状。贝斯在她的生命中丧道了四次,在她穿黑的三个已知的肖像中。作为所有生活在韦尔巴克的人的母亲,我想画她的肖像。根据铎艺术史,她在视觉上以壮观的珍珠和她的黑色服装而闻名。她是一位女士被忽视并显示出来。

索菲普尔格, The Matriarch, portrait in oils

母系,亚麻油,40×32“/ 101.5x81cm。

Pregnancy Paintings

撒谎的房间是一幅绘画,将怀孕的话题恢复到铎王朝。与漫长的等待(部分是L竞技 )在凹凸装饰有数千颗珍珠以庆祝其生育能力,撒谎的房间是黑暗,清醒和亲密的。这幅画的标题是指在托特(及以后)时期的习俗,以茧在妊娠后的后期和出生后的第一周。她会恢复到她的夫人服务员的温暖和黑暗的房间里,等待出生并之后恢复。窗户被封闭,轻轻亮,试图让新的母亲和婴儿免受疾病。虽然实践当然很长一段时间,但茧成像样的州的轰动是今天新母亲的外星人。我悬挂在我的模型上的巨大红色网当然是涂料的精彩,所有特征褶皱和折叠。我怀孕的朋友和模特有一个华丽的女婴,而不是在我画这个之后长久。


The Lying-in Room, Sophie Ploeg, oil on linen


For the Portland series I wanted to use lots of colour, as a reminder of the colourful world of Tudor and Jacobean portraiture. At the same time I wanted these paintings to be as much about the past as they are about the contemporary world we live in today. My models are beautiful, special yet ordinary people who live their life like all of us. None of them are professional models. They are you and me.

Sophie Ploeg,Studio

The exhibition Identity & Dress opened at the Harley Gallery on 29 October 2016 and ran until 8 January 2017. All the paintings are available for sale.