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I am just in after visiting theRWA的年度开放展览今天早上。在倾盆大雨中所以之外good day for a few hours at the Royal West of England Academy of Art. But I came home with very mixed feelings (and a little wet). It wasn’t because of the lovely catch up with one of my arty friends in the new cafe (must try the cake next time!), nor was it because of the great number of wonderful paintings and drawings I found inside the RWA. As always the exhibition is huge, almost too much to take in in one visit. There is a lot to see and a lot of it is really interesting, challenging, beautiful, skilful or simply fun.

A Confession First

But I must write a disclaimer first. I might be slightly biased after all. I think I am over it by now, but who knows what’s still going on in a dark corner of my mind? The RWA has selected my work for this show every year since 2011, but this year they had other ideas. I purposefully did not go and see the show too soon to make sure I would not walk around it with gritted teeth. And I didn’t. We all get refusals and we all dust ourselves off and move on. I was expecting a good show (I heard from some great artists friends they did get selected), perhaps a slight change of direction and as always a bit of a mix.


A mix it was. I must admit I aim to write an exhibition review with just positives. I am always on the side of the artists and know how delighted they must be for getting selected. So even though I might not like everything I see, I ignore those pieces and tell you about the good bits.

But I must say that the RWA is really not doing itself any favours by selecting a lot of clearly bad art. If you want art to be in the category of ‘my little sister could have done that’ (you know the type) then you must at least have one hell of a concept going on. But if there is no concept, and no skills, you really have very little left. There were simply too many art works in this exhibition that looked like school work. It’s not naive or expressionist. And it’s fooling judges.



The two main exhibition spaces feature mostly big colourful paintings and photographs, some sculptures. Then there is the black and white room (although not restricted to drawings and prints), and another fairly colourful room with smaller pieces, and the last room might have an architectural theme, I am not sure. The black and white room works really well and has some beautiful pieces in it such as the works fromMalcolm Ashman.安东尼康康and I am secretly in love with the cute little rabbit by凯蒂牧羊人


Other works that stood out for me were the refined and delicate piece fromRosalind Robinson那the emotionally charged piece byLisa Stokes,(你猜出我喜欢它)Irene Jones的大型托特 - 斯基工作。Philippa Robbins'件也脱颖而出,因为它的饰品和连衣裙的精彩作用。

Max Mansbridge-West在展示上有一个非常漂亮的绘画,伊恩价格and汤姆休斯有一些美丽的布里斯托尔场景。Bill Prosser的石墨肖像也很棒;小米老鼠让我想知道保姆标记是谁?





10月1日 - 2017年12月3日

Concessions: £4.95 (includes a 50p donation)
16S / SGS下,UOB和UWE学生:免费

Tuesday to Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 11am-5pm and bank holiday Mondays. Last entry is half an hour before closing time.

Clifton Bristol BS8 1PX
+44 (0)117 973 5129
[email protected]


drawings at RWA Bristol
Malcolm Ashman(左上角),克里斯托弗·赫巴德(左下),史蒂夫·米尔斯(顶部),Clodagh Scott(中间),Elaine Griffin和一个巨大而美丽的神话般的古典图在右边的安东尼康诺利绘图。
Katy Shephard,Petting动物园,纸上的Drypoint(上)和Lynne Fornieles,快乐的野兔和猎犬,木雕打印(底部)。
Some wonderful earthy works by Gareth Edwards RWA, Amanda Wallwork RWA, and Melanie Comber.



Max Mansbridge-West,弗吉尼亚,木炭和粉笔在灰色纸上。


paintings at RWA Bristol
Maureen Nathan, I Saw Her Standing There, paint on birch ply panel (left), Judi Green, Seeing Differently, oil on gesso panel (right top), Sally Muir, Self Portrait with Glasses, potato print and gouache (left bottom)


About the author

索菲is an artist, art historian, tutor, author and blogger. She writes on oil and pastel painting, art history and the life of an artist. She paints portraits and still life and specialises in painting drapery and lace.


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