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Soft pastel is one of the most fun painting mediums: it is direct, it doesn't require any prep, you don't need to wait for it to dry and you don't need any other materials.

Soft pastels are accessible to all: a basic set does not have to cost much and thequality经常相当不错。你还在等什么?让自己一个小盒子,查看下面的粉彩绘画的基本技术,并尝试自己。如果你不愿意开始,因为你不知道该做什么:那么这篇文章在这里有帮助。


Basic Pastel painting techniques

Sophie Ploeg博客粉丝粉尘


The most common mistake I see pastel painters make is to work flat. Pastel painting will create dust which will end up sitting in little heaps on your art work, preventing you from seeing your picture properly. When you work flat it is also all too easy to smudge your work with your own hand. Avoid ruining your work and prop your drawing board up against a wall, a pile of books, or use an easel. Any pastel dust will neatly fall down onto the ledge and your hand will stay clear of the paper. If you need to support your hand, try using a马哈尔棒(any stick will do).

Sophie Ploeg博客柔和的技术

Using the Tip


Sophie Ploeg博客柔和的技术

Working with the flat side


Sophie Ploeg博客柔和的技术


One of the unique features of soft pastel is that you can blend the colours. You can use blending to soften a colour, to make it look more even, soft and flat, or to mix colours together (making new colours). Blending can be very versatile! Use your fingers, some kitchen towelling, a piece of cloth, cottton buds or a torchon for blending. You can create amazingly soft and subtle effects with blending. Blending is very popular amongst many pastel artists but I want to warn against using it too much. With too much blending you run the risk of losing all texture and character. Softness works best when not everything is equally soft. So vary your approach and use blending sparingly.

Sophie Ploeg博客柔和的技术


如果你没有在柔和的冲程上给太多压力施加过多的压力并尝试保持轻触,你可以在它上层另一种颜色。这样你就可以混合你的颜色并创造新的颜色,但你也可以添加更暗或更轻的区域,这里有一丝颜色,并且通常会产生更多的深度和兴趣。用一个好的砂纸(如艺术谱Colourfix, orUART.) you can add many layers. On a more smooth paper (likeIngres, orTiziano) you won't be able to add many layers and you'll end up with mud. So go carefully, but give it a try!

Sophie Ploeg博客柔和的技术


There are many different types of soft pastels but the main difference lies in their softness. Some brands are extremely soft and buttery, others are much harder and feel more like pencils. You can use all types at the same time in your painting, but you will find that many pastel artists use the harder pastels in the first layers of painting, and for small and fine detail. The very soft pastels are often used in the final layers of painting. Of course you can paint a whole painting with just hard pastel, or with just soft pastel. It is completley up to you. Hard pastels (and pastel pencils, which are generally fairly hard) do not go over very soft pastel well. They will scrape the soft pastel off the paper and won't leave much of a mark themselves. If you are complete beginner do experiment and see what works and what doesn't, or make it a little easier on yourself and stick to one type of pastel at first.

Sophie Ploeg博客柔和的技术



Pastel Newbie?

Practice and learn with Sophie’s help! The Pastel Place is an online pastel painting course perfect for beginners (and more advanced). Learn mark making techniques, painting fundamentals and get lots of practice in. Join in the private community for support and encouragement and make new pastel friends.




More to Read...

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  1. Hi , my name is Steve and I live in Cape Town, South Africa.

    I have painting in pastels but laying my support flat. I want to thank you for the advise of paint upright. i am going to try and see how well I will manage.

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